Sitemap - 2021 - Reboot

⚡️ Beyond + Escape (with audio)

⚡️ a love letter to virtual community care 🌱💞 (with audio)

⚡ Announcing the 2022 Reboot Student Fellowship

⚡ What is Reboot?

⚡️ An Impromptu Chat with Karen Hao

⚡️ Robots Write Experimental Poetry

⚡️ Everyday Magic

⚡ Where Algorithmic Transparency Meets Community

⚡️ A Tax on Tech-quity

⚡️ Peering into the Paracosm

⚡️ The Word for Web Is Forest

⚡ Replies To: Take Back the Future!

⚡ New Event: System Error

⚡️ To Build a Home

⚡️ Hypnopompia (with audio)

⚡️ Hypnopompia

⚡️ E-raced (with audio)

⚡️ E-raced

⚡️ Take Back the Future! (with audio)

Take Back the Future!

⚡️ Announcing Kernel Magazine

⚡ Our Best Non-Tech Recs

⚡ Pursuing the Endless Frontier

⚡ Value Beyond Instrumentalization

⚡ Life in the Metaverse

⚡ New Event: A City Is Not a Computer ft. Shannon Mattern

⚡ Putting Workers in the Driver's Seat

⚡ No More Starving Artists

⚡ 995 and Counting

⚡ New Event: The Infinite Machine ft. Camila Russo

⚡ Design Justice and Beyond

⚡ Taking and Making Space in San Francisco

⚡ Safekeeping the Internet

⚡ New Event: From Counterculture to Cyberculture ft. Fred Turner

⚡ Venturing Toward Progress

⚡ New Event: The Alignment Problem ft. Brian Christian

⚡ New Event: Living in Data ft. Jer Thorp

⚡ Why I'm Unionizing

⚡ New Event: Glitch Feminism ft. Legacy Russell

⚡ The Creator's Dilemma

⚡ New Event: Lurking ft. Joanne McNeil

⚡ Make Space for Maintenance

⚡ Today is Reboot's birthday!

⚡ New Event: Working in Public ft. Nadia Eghbal

⚡ Tech For Good But Make It Better

⚡ New Event: Subprime Attention Crisis ft. Tim Hwang

⚡ Good Life, Good Work

⚡ New Event: The Ministry for the Future ft. Kim Stanley Robinson

⚡ Worldbuilding on the Digital Frontier

⚡ What Happened to "Human-Centered" Health Tech?

⚡ New Event: Attack Surface ft. Cory Doctorow

⚡ It's Time To Build (A Movement)

⚡ New Event: Artful Design ft. Ge Wang

⚡ A Tale of Two Cities

⚡ Announcing the Reboot Student Fellowship

⚡ New Event: Black Software