Sitemap - 2022 - Reboot

⚡️ Afrofuturism: From a Lens to a Portal

⚡️ Open Source and Politics

⚡️ Generative Ethics, Politics, and Epistemics

⚡️ Data Driven ft. Karen Levy

⚡️ Apps Won't Solve the Mental Health Crisis

⚡️ Meet the Team: Lucas Gelfond

⚡️ Kernel On Sale!

Reboot Reacts: SBF Gone Wild

⚡️ What Can A Body Do? ft. Sara Hendren

⚡️ Meet the Team: Jessica Dai

⚡Announcing the 2023 Reboot Student Fellowship

⚡️ Building Creator-Centered Platforms

⚡️ Meet the Team: Jake Gaughan

⚡️ Replies To: The Boy's Own Internet

⚡️ Meet the Team: Matthew Sun

⚡ Kernel Issue 2 Is Now Online!

⚡️ The Boy's Own Internet

⚡️ Meet the Team: Ivan Zhao

⚡️ State of Play

⚡️ all the better to see you with

⚡️ Prison Phones and the Problem with Profits

Urgency and Agency in Technology Policy

⚡️ Announcing Kernel Magazine Issue 2


⚡️ The Back to School Issue

THURSDAY ⚡️ Resisting AI ft. Dan McQuillan

⚡️ Welcome to Our Crib

THURSDAY ⚡️ Computational Poetry ft. Allison Parrish

⚡️ Books That Read Easy

⚡ MIT: Progressions & Regressions

⚡ Towards Data Neutrality

THURSDAY ⚡ The Road to Nowhere ft. Paris Marx

⚡️ Our Favorite Bookstores

THURSDAY ⚡️ The Innovation Delusion ft. Lee Vinsel

MONDAY ⚡️ Internet for the People ft. Ben Tarnoff

⚡️ Replies To: Towards Ineffective Altruism

⚡️ Level Up

Towards Ineffective Altruism


⚡️ Contribute to Kernel Magazine's second issue

⚡️ New Event: Work Pray Code ft. Carolyn Chen

⚡ Some More Labor History

⚡️ The Case for Anthropological Study

⚡️ Last Call for Kernel Magazine

⚡ On Public Participation in Procurement

⚡ Open Thread: Tell Us What You're Working On

⚡️ New Event: Teaching Machines ft. Audrey Watters

Organizing Isn’t Reading Das Kapital

⚡️ New Event: Should You Believe Wikipedia? ft. Amy Bruckman

⚡️ New Event: Imaginable ft. Jane McGonigal

⚡ Happy Early Valentine's Day

⚡ From the Non-Ideal to the Ideal (with audio)

⚡️ Peeling Back the PR

⚡️ Event Recording: Digital Cash

An Artist in Crypto

⚡ New Event: Digital Cash ft. Finn Brunton

⚡ Lookout for 2022

Fast Food Education